Who is T Dan?

TDan with Dr. Sabawoon in Herat, Afghanistan

Professional background

My name is T Dan Baker, Candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District:

  • MPH / International Health / Emergency Disaster Preparedness & Response         
  • MA / International Affairs / Environmental Development
  • 2018-2019  Country Director – Leishmaniasis Prevention Program, Turkey and Syria
  • 2017 Trained Leader  – VP Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps
  • 2013-2017 Program Manager – Global Polio Prevention Program, Worldwide
  • 2010-2012 Health & Education Officer (US Foreign Service) Afghanistan
  • 2008-2010 Program Manager (H5N1) Pandemic Preparedness & Response Program, Latin America
  • 2004-2020 Neighbor, Citizen, & Voter in Maryland’s Congressional District 7  

For the past 25 years – following graduation from college and starting with Peace Corps, I’ve worked in International Public Health / Infectious Disease & Pandemic Prevention and Control programs in some of the toughest communities and countries on the planet. 

I’ve stopped Polio outbreak, built the “unbuildable hospital”, and instituted pediatric malnutrition programs in Taliban held Afghanistan; brought vaccines, clean water, and electricity to isolated jungle communities in Paraguay; taught undocumented students in Tucson; designed and overseen US industrial water treatment programs in Mexico; and overseen numerous infectious disease programs across the world covering literally millions of beneficiaries.

As a District 7 neighbor – JUST LIKE YOU –  I HAVE REAL CONCERNS regarding the future direction of our district, state, and country.   I am particularly concerned regarding our country’s failure to respond to climate change, the lack of leadership in Congress regarding race relations, pervasive corporate influence in government (and the risk it and President Trump poses to our democracy), and a US foreign policy founded on bullying!  

Personal Bio

  • Son of a Navy Chaplain/Baptist Minister and high school Math teacher/Principal.
  • One of the first graduates of the Virginia Military Institute to join the Peace Corps.
  • Huge fan of JFK’s ‘can do’ vision supporting the ‘moonshot’ and ‘civil rights’.  
  • Very climate change (natural or man-made doesn’t matter anymore) concerned
TDan with his parents.
TDan as a cadet at
Virginia Military Institute

TDan as a Peace Corps Health Volunteer
in Paraguay

TDan as a non-combatant returning from a health mission outside Herat, Afghanistan
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