TDan’s Platform

TDan on assignment in Laos

What I’m for

Improved Race Relations

Reduced Corporate Influence in Government

Less Interventionist Foreign Policy

Climate Change Renaissance (green jobs = reduced crime)

What else I’m for

  • Equal Pay:  Same salary for same job
  • Minimum Wage: A living wage!
  • Drug Use Decriminalization: For non-violent offenders  
  • Education: Pay teachers their real worth!
  • Improving Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Female Reproductive Rights: It is a woman’s right to choose and have access to health care services!
  • Universal Health Care (Plus Public Option) : It is a Human Right! People should have the right to choose the kind of care they want.
  • Gun Control:  License and registration to own. Assault weapons ban.
  • Immigration: Far enough back, aren’t we all immigrants? 
  • Legalization of marijuana: And new research into medical use
  • Gay marriage & adoption:  We all need love & loving parents!

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