District 7's concerns

Go Ravens!

Most politicians will tell you that they already know all District 7’s concerns and thus what the district needs. I have lived in District 7 for 15 years, and while ‘I think’ most people of the district want: their income to stretch a little further; to feel safe and secure from violence; and to have equal access to health care, good education, and adequate food, ‘I also think’ that the approach, championed by many of my opponents, lacks flexibility, open mindedness, team work approach, and a level of humility that most voters of District 7 – and throughout the United States – would prefer in their Representative.

What I present in the VoteTDanBaker.com website is ‘Who I am’ and ‘What I believe’ in order to give District 7 voters a quick glance opportunity to know me and my thoughts. However, when it comes to ‘District 7’s Concerns?’, I’m asking that all perspective voters visiting the site take 2 minutes to check the box in the list below for your top 5 priorities .

As responses come in, a graphic will become available on the site to track District 7 voter priorities for which I will present my ideas for further constituent input and response.

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